Cloth Wipes Surprise

Size: OS

Price: £10.00

Switch from wet wipes to cloth wipes and help reduce waste at Hiccups&Juice and at your home too.

They are two layers of cotton lycra and come in packs of 10, usually both sides are the same fabric pattern but sometimes they will be different ones. Each pack has 10 different fabrics.

They are random shapes because I use the offcuts from the other items I make and this means there is much less wastage.

The tiny bits of fabric that are too small for cloth wipes are donated to a local scrap store so that nothing is sent to landfill.

Use Hiccups&Juice cloth wipes for:
- baby wipes
- removing make up
- car wipes
- face cloths

I also have Reusable Kitchen Towels if you'd like a bigger size (10" square) and they are backed with towelling.

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