Fiona Barnett, owner, founder and managing director of Hiccups & Juice

About Us

Once upon a time, a bouncy hiccupy happy Fiona combined her skills of organisation, bubbly happiness and love of sewing and created Hiccups&Juice…a world of handmade awesomeness. From bespoke nursing bras to the cutest stay on baby booties, these products are custom-made by her just for you.

How it all began

During university I trained as a trampoline coach and in my first year of primary school teaching, I did the odd trampoline party or summer school. Having finally sorted the right tax code, I got a rather lovely £800 rebate in March 2011 and decided to spend it on a new sewing machine, cutting mat, scissors and rotary cutter. Until then I'd been using my Granny's sewing machine which, although sentimental, often involved a lot of swearing at the beast as the bobbin and the machine did not get on. Also, for some unknown reason, I would use it on a short coffee table while kneeling and using my hand on the foot pedal. Why? Just why?

The fabric adventure begins

The new sewing machine sewed like a dream and had a buttonhole stitch (!) but it wasn't until I moved in with my husband (we met online, moved in four months later, got engaged four months after that and are now happily married since August 2014) that I started sewing more frequently. I'd buy fabrics from jumble sales, charity shops and some fabric shops; but, it wasn't until I happened upon jersey fabric (and decided to make everyone tops for Christmas) that it really ramped up a gear. I bought my first overlocker in July 2014 and started sewing allthethings!

A handmade christmas

Buying fabric from facebook groups was just starting to get popular and, although I tried a few out, my first and favourite is still Kailuna run by the lovely Julie. Eventually, I was running out of things to sew for me (my wardrobe was bursting with homemade goodies; my husband's wardrobe was overflowing with bespoke outfits; my friends and family were bedecked with custom-made items) it was then that I came up with a revolutionary idea: I decided to launch Hiccups&Juice with the original aim of keeping me busy and funding my growing fabric addiction!

Hiccups&Juice is born

Hiccups&Juice launched in May 2016 and I started off with baby clothes; harems, tops, rompers etc. and in March 2017 a lovely customer called Terresa asked if I did nursing bras. I made her one and she wrote such a glowing review and shared it with awesome facebook groups such as Boob or Bust and Can I Breastfeed in It that orders went absolutely crazy! I started sewing like a ninja, my turnaround time increased from 1-2 weeks to 4 weeks and then 6 weeks and it's not been the same since.

Rise of the machines

I upgraded my sewing machine and overlocker (turns out the entry level models get more and more grumpy when asked to sew bulky things like baby booties), bought a coverstitch and several months later upgraded that one too and I got an industrial overlocker as well as three bookcases, three storage tubs and a rather large kallax to store all my fabric.

Happy customers

I love that something I make can make such a difference to people, I have got over 300 5★ reviews on Etsy, many of them for bras and it really is such a joy to read them. I know as an online buyer myself, real customer experiences and reviews are so important for trusting that new, or new to you, seller.

Breastfeeding clothes from bras to tops to dresses continues to grow at Hiccups&Juice and I love hearing product ideas from my happy customers as well as finding new patterns from pattern companies around the world.

The website launch

The website launched in July 2018 and thanks to my wonderful husband Dave who programmed it from scratch (literally a white screen) it is completely customisable as much as I like, in return for unlimited hugs and cups of tea.

What does the future hold?

At the moment I really enjoy having Hiccups&Juice all to myself; I love the different aspects of the business; cutting, sewing, photos, sharing on social media and continuing to develop the website, but most of all I like knowing that I am both the maker and real person that my customers, new and returning, can ask questions about and can make them feel special in their latest Hiccups&Juice goodies.

Finally, to sew up this fairy tale, I'm delighted that your custom means you get to share in my happily ever after. Thank you for making it possible!