**ALL CUSTOM ORDER SLOTS FILLED** Only in stock items and rush my orders available. for all updates including #quickupsandjuice.

When will my order ship

You've chosen your items and now you want to know when you'll get your hands on your happy post.

Here are all the options available at Hiccups&Juice.

Packaging example
All orders are giftwrapped in purple tissue paper with stickers and include a small leaflet and scratch card.

In Stock Items:

All in stock items are posted within 3 business days.

If you order both custom items and in stock items your order will be shipped together once I've sewn the custom order items. If you'd like your in stock items to be shipped separately, please ensure you order them in a separate order.

Custom Orders:

I am sewing most days and have developed a variety of options so that I can help everyone to get Hiccups&Juice happy post.

Current Turnaround

Fiona in her sewing room

My current turnaround varies but is usually between 6-8 weeks.

I sew items in groups of 8-10 items and assign each group an alphabetical name. If you'd like to see when I'm sewing your group, make sure you've joined the Facebook group as I post all my updates in there and the list of groups is in the pinned post/announcement.

If you add a custom order item to your basket it will tell you when your item is due to be shipped. Please note that adding a rush my order overrides this but it will still give you the current turnaround date.

Rush My Order

Rush My Order

If you need your custom order sooner, you can add a rush my order for an additional fee.

From £12 to £25 and you need one per item. Choose between 1-2 business days all the way up to 7-9 business days.



Your chance to get your hands on Hiccups&Juice goodies super fast! Quickupsandjuice is a free version of rush my order but has a limited amount of slots per week.

Every Thursday at 20:00 GMT in the Facebook group I post the #quickupsandjuice photo and the first 3 or 4 people to comment get a free rush slot. It applies to your entire orderb> so you can order as much as you like and I will start sewing it the next day. Depending on how much is ordered I will ship the #quickupsandjuice orders on the Friday or Monday.

The only rule is that you have to be the first to comment. You can enter as many weeks/weeks in a row as you like and you can even just comment with a letter rather than a whole word if you'd like so that you can be super quick as the slots often go in minutes if not seconds.

Juice Rush

Juice Rushe

New from April 2020. Limited number of slots. Set product and fabric each time. You choose your size. They'll be sewn ASAP.

This originated from when the Highland Cows fabric arrived and I sewed up a pair of boyshorts in Highland Cows with Moo Stripes and offered 10 free rush slots. They were snapped up and I really enjoyed sewing a bunch of the same item so I thought I'd make it a regular event at Hiccups&Juice and at the time of writing this there's a vote to decide whether the next one will be pants in Mystic Cats with hot pink or orange trim OR an Eclipse T Shirt/Radiant Raglan/Hey Babie in Rainbowsaurs with kelly green or red.

Highland Cows with Moo Stripes Pants
Highland Cows with Moo Stripes Pants

Depending how busy I am I will endeavour to offer Juice Rush weekly with a mix of products including pants, bras, stay on booties and t shirts. You'll always know what item and fabric is available, the only thing you need to decide is which size you'd like and to make sure you get a slot.



I created the deposit system so that you can pay a small amount per fabric and then the rest when the fabric arrives. The benefit for me is that I know how much fabric to buy and the benefit to you is that you can spread your payment over a longer time.

When you buy a deposit, please ensure you tell me the name of the fabric it is for and a rough idea (e.g. child's trousers, adult dress) of the item(s) in the notes box at checkout so that I know how much fabric to buy. A dribble bib takes a lot less fabric than a Hiccups Skater Dress.

Pre Ordered Fabrics

Pre Ordered fabrics
Wildflowers, Harmony, Stellar and Kawaii Clouds arrived at Hiccups&Juice

Depending on which fabric supplier I'm using there's usually a 6-8 week wait from the day the pre order closes to the fabric arriving with my supplier.

If a fabric has been pre ordered, it will show an estimated arrival date on the fabric when you view it on the website. You can still order as normal and your item(s) will be made and shipped in chronological order from when you placed your order. I.e. if you were the fifth person to order an item in that fabric, yours will be the fifth item I make as soon as the fabric arrives.

Depending on how many pre orders per fabric I usually complete all pre orders within 1-2 weeks of the fabric arriving.

I will post updates in the Facebook group if there are any delays with the fabric.

Market Nights

Periodically throughout the year I will host market nights in the Facebook group.

These are occasions where you can purchase in stock items and benefit from additional offers such as free postage etc.

In the lead up to the event I will add all the available items to the album in the Facebook group. so you can see what is available.

The rules for the market night will be in the album description. When the market night opens, I will post the password in the group and send an email to the mailing list with it in too. You can simply comment on the item(s) you would like and I will work out your total. You can then pay via my PayPal link once I've let you know your confirmed total.

All market night items will be shipped as soon as possible so that you can get your happy post quickly.


I offer free strap alterations on all Hiccups&Juice bras. For more information on why I offer strap alterations and Hiccups&Juice bras in general please see this bras blog post.

I endeavour to complete alterations as soon as possible upon receving your item but depending on how many items I need to sew that week it may take up to a week.

So whether you choose in stock items for quick delivery, pay to upgrade a custom order with a rush my order or try for a free rush with quickupsandjuice or Juice Rush there's something for everyone.

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