Fabric Types

You’ll notice that some fabrics say ‘standard’ and some ‘rare’, here’s why:

The majority of the fabric I use at Hiccups&Juice is cotton lycra. It’s made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane (aka lycra). It has 4 way stretch (up and down and side to side) and great recovery too, thanks to the lycra. As with most materials, they can vary in price.


Standard fabrics are ones bought from my wholesalers that are brilliant quality and there’s plenty available. Often I can restock these as much as I like, especially the solid colours. I can’t believe how many bolts (8 metres of fabric wrapped around a cardboard ‘bolt’) I’ve got through since starting Hiccups&Juice.

The wholesalers design the fabrics and print many metres which means they can keep their costs down. The stars and clouds prints are a great example of the standard prints.

Dark Blue Stars Fabric
Dark Blue Stars - Standard Fabric
Yellow Clouds Fabric
Yellow Clouds - Standard Fabric


Rare fabrics are fabrics that cost me more to stock, usually because they’re custom printed or organic. Custom printed means a designer (usually based in the UK from the ones I use) has designed the fabric from scratch and then prints the fabric and sells it to buyers like me. Because smaller print runs are more expensive, and the design is usually exclusive to the brand, the fabric is more expensive too which is why I have a surcharge for items that use rare fabrics to cover the extra cost.

Pondlife Fabric
Pondlife - Rare Fabric
Acute Rainbow Fabric
Acute Rainbow - Rare Organic Fabric


Our swim fabrics are 82% polyester and 18% elastane so they're super stretchy and great in the water too. Some even have UV SPF40 protection.

Garden Flowers Swim Fabric
Garden Flowers - Swim Fabric with UV SPF40
Seaweed Bubbles swim fabric
Seaweed Bubbles - swim fabric


The most popular fleece at Hiccups&Juice is alpine fleece; it has a lovely soft side with a shallow pile and the reverse looks like a solid colour cotton lycra. It's also stretchy which means it can be used for Juice Joggers and #SnuggleMeUp options on items such as Hiccups Hoodies.

Stay on Booties are by far the most popular items using alpine fleece and they're available for babies, children and adults.

Mint Alpine Fleece
Mint Alpine Fleece - used to line Stay on Booties and the #SnuggleMeUp options
Sherpa fleece fabric
Sherpa fleece fabric, used to line Stay on Booties


Our Mint Terry Towelling is 96% cotton and 6% polyester. It's used to back the Dribble Bibs and Reusable Make Up Wipes as it's absorbent and soft.

Mint Terry Towelling
Mint Terry Towelling - used to back the Dribble Bibs and Reusable Make Up Wipes

PUL = Polyurethane Laminate Fabric

PUL fabric has a patterned 'right' side and a waterproof backing and all PUL fabrics stocked at Hiccups&Juice are food safe.

Items using PUL include Reusable Wet Bags, Shampoo Bar Wraps and Cloth Pad Wrappers.

Blue Galaxy PUL
Blue Galaxy - PUL fabric, used in Reusable Wet Bags
Rainbows PUL fabric
Rainbows PUL fabric, used in Reusable Wet Bags

French Terry

French Terry is similar to cotton lycra as it is stretchy but it has a looped or brushed backing making it slightly warmer for the cooler months.

They vary in stretch, some are suitable for all items and others don't quite have enough recovery for skin tight items like bras and leggings. But they make the comfiest Juice Joggers!

Giraffes French Terry fabric
Giraffes French Terry fabric, perfect for warmer months
Peach Flowers french terry fabric
Peach Flowers french terry fabric, great as Juice Joggers


I love buying all the different types of fabric; the standard ones mean there’s a huge range of designs to choose from and if they prove as popular as I think they’ll be then I can often restock, and the rare ones as I love supporting other indie businesses and getting something that’s a little bit different.

Rainbowsaurs Fabric
Rainbowsaurs - Rare Organic Fabric

Sneak Peek

Coming in 2019 is my first exclusive fabric design for Hiccups&Juice. I have commissioned the super talented Annie Swift and she has blown me away with her design! I’ve got lots of plans for it and not all are fabric related! sneak peek of the new exclusive fabric design

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