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Cloth Pads

Bundle of Cloth Pads

You've heard that they're colourful, comfy and often mean a shorter, lighter period but what are Hiccups & Juice cloth pads made of and what options are there to create your perfect stash?

Read on to find out.


Topper is cotton lycra (organic on some fabrics)

Core is Zorb (the absorbent layer)

Backing is polar fleece

Cotton lycra for the topper as it's pretty and soft on your skin too.

Zorb for the core as it's quick to absorb and absorbs a lot and is slim

Polar Fleece for the backing as it's water resistant and the texture means it doesn't shift around in your underwear.

Polar Fleece backing

Each pad has wings with snaps so that when you place the pad on the gusset of your pants the wings fold under and snap together to stay in place.

Using KAM snap table press to attach the snaps

The snapped width is 2.5 inches.


Liner cloth pads have a topper and backer. Perfect in place of a panty liner and for spotting or everyday use.

Mountain Peak Liner Cloth Pad

Regular cloth pads have a topper and backer and one layer of Zorb as the absorbent core. Perfect for light to medium flow.

Vegetables Regular Cloth Pad

Heavy cloth pads also have a topper and backer and two layers of Zorb as the absorbent core, staggered to make them as slim as possible.

Cosmic Dreams Heavy Cloth Pad

Postpartum/Overnight pads have the topper and backing and 3 layers of Zorb with an extra layer of cotton towelling for extra absorbency.


7 inch up to 12 inch are always in stock but I can do up to 18 inches, just pop me a message through the website.

It's down to personal preference but mostly liners are 7 to 8 inches, regulars are 9 to 10 inches and heavies are 11 to 12 inches.


With every order of cloth pads (and breast pads too), you will receive a care instructions leaflet which contain washing instructions and a reminder that it's the pretty side (cotton lycra) that goes next to your skin.

Cloth Pad and Breast Pads Leaflet Front

Cloth Pad and Breast Pads Leaflet Back

Period Pants

Exactly the same as the normal comfy briefs and boyshorts but with a pad sewn in (and a slightly extended length in the gusset to compensate for the lack of stretch in the pad).

Wildflowers Boyshorts Period Pants

They are heavy absorbency as standard and about 10 inches in length but you can request regular or postpartum/overnight absorbency and or a different length in the notes box when you checkout if you prefer.

Showing the inside of Wildflowers Period Pants

Period Pants are great for wearing overnight as you know the pad will definitely stay in place and for cup back up too.

Showing the inside of Hummingbirds Period Pants

They're also useful for cycling and horseriding and other activities where you don't want the snaps on the wings of the normal cloth pads to get in the way.

And Michelle says:

"I know of a few ladies who have daughters with dyspraxia and they have found these a godsend for their daughters when they start their period and cannot manage pads etc due to dexterity problems."

How Often To Change Your Pad

You can change your pad whenever is comfortable for you either every few hours or overnight depending on your flow.


Bundles are always in stock so you can have comfy colourful pads in just a few days.

Starter Bundle

Starter Bundle
9", 10" and 11" regular

The most popular absorbency in a variety of lengths to see which suits you best.

Mixed Bundle

Surprise Mixed Bundle of Cloth Pads
8" liner, 10" regular and 12" heavy

A mix of lengths and absorbencies, great for starting your stash.

Liner Bundle

Liner Bundle
5 x 7" Liners

Regular Bundle

Regular Bundle
3 x 11" Regulars

Heavy Bundle

Heavy Bundle
3 x 12" Heavies

Postpartum/Overnight Bundle

Postpartum or Overnight Bundle
3 x 12" Postpartum/Overnight

Themed Bundles

Some of the fabrics I stock are perfect for combining into a themed bundle and here are two that are currently available (at the time of writing.)

Brian the Dragon Bundle

Choose from a set of liner, heavy or regular absorbency pads in exclusive fabrics.

Brian Bundle of Cloth Pads

These three fabrics were designed exclusively for Hiccups&Juice by Josie at Tiny Tapestries. I asked for dragons and rainbows and she came up with two designs, we both loved the dragon and called him Brian. Josie created the tumbling Rainbow Brian fabric and I squealed with glee, it's so colourful and happy.

I normally do surprise fabric bundles for cloth pads but I decided these were too special not to create a #BrianBundle

Galaxy Bundle

Choose from a set of liner, heavy or regular absorbency pads in galaxy fabrics Cosmic Dreams, Sapphire Galaxy and Ocean Nebula. Galaxy Bundle

Galaxy Bundle Close Up

Create Your Own Bundle

You can create your own bundle by adding 3 or more single cloth pads (any length or absorbency) to your basket and use the code CSPBUNDLE for 10% off.

Create Your Own Bundle

There are over 100 cloth pads in stock so why not have a browse and create your perfect bundle today.

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